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Ground Zero Initiative

Ground Zero Initiative

The creation of a Ground Zero Unit within the detention center is high priority. The Ground Zero unit would be comprised of inmates who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and want to participate in an intensive in-house treatment program. This program is designed to prepare inmates for the transition into the comprehensive, wrap-around services provided by the Crossroads program.

To make this possible, it will require Sheriff’s Office leadership to not only think outside the box, but to throw the box away completely! The words we can’t,  it cannot be done or we’ve always done it this way, can no longer consume our mindsets.

A Detention Center Ground Zero, followed by wrap around services upon inmate release, is a measure that must be taken if we want to see a decrease in crime and incarceration rates. It is my mission to advocate the importance of addressing the underlying issues which create the need to commit crime.

In order to help reduce the burden on our local medical facilities, I will ensure that the State of Nevada has a platform within the jail to identify those who are eligible for Medicaid and have them signed up prior to leaving the jail. This will allow current inmates to have immediate medical care upon release.

Ground Zero will serve the individual as well as the the community. Ground Zero ultimately saves taxpayer dollars by reducing our cost of housing inmates, police, fire and ambulance services. More importantly it will stop crime before it is committed, making our community a better and safer place to live.

Every bed day (a day an inmate spends incarcerated) costs taxpayers $126. This can double or triple if an inmate suffers from alcohol, drug addiction or mental illness. My plan is to increase the bed days saved through the programs like Crossroads Reno and Sober 24. These programs are currently saving our jail 100,000 bed days a year or $12.6 million dollars annually. In addition to a reduction in EMS, fire, police and medical cost this translates to approx. a 20 million dollar annual savings to our community. These programs still have a waiting list to get in. As a member of this community I find this unacceptable.

By doubling down on programs like these along with creating new programs by organizing Community Action Partnership programs my goal is to increase the savings to 300,000 bed days within the next 4 years, increasing the total savings to the taxpayer to 60 Million dollars a year.

These cost savings will create ample funding for the Ground Zero unit as a sustainable measure and prepare us with the necessary budget needed to expand the detention center if the population of inmates continue to rise.

Please join us as we create a Community Action Partnership team to address these possibilities. Contact us today!

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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

“Bridging the Gap” will be one of the first C-A-P (Community Action Partnerships) that will be formed. This team will look at the ethnic composition of the incarcerated population within the Washoe County Jail, assess issues and determine appropriate actions to better serve these communities and reduce recidivism rates.

A disproportionately high percentage of inmates in our jail, suffer from mental illness at some level.  Families of these individuals are often left in the dark about treatment of their family members. Communication along with education can alleviate their anxiety.  I will work to ensure that families of our mentally ill inmates are kept as informed as possible, of jail policy and procedures relating to mental health.

Washoe County and my family are both comprised of multi racial, multi ethnic and multi national people. This cultural diversity significantly enriches our lives. We are however, not immune to having the same problems that other communities face.

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