Adam Hopkins on LGBTI rights and Excited Delirium:

Adam focuses on Excited Delirium & LGBTI issues- as the increase potential for suicide and for in custody deaths in these communities have become more common. He says training, the proper medical provider, and leadership within the facilities are key in creating healthy & safe enviroments for inmates.

Adam Hopkins on 2nd Amendment Rights:

I believe the 2nd Amendment was created for our protection. While I do stand behind our right to bear arms, it is imperative that all weapons are kept in safe locations and gun safety is practiced at all times. Another important topic discussed is in this episode covers Excited Delirium, the cause of several in custody deaths at the Washoe County detention center.

Adam Hopkins on Community Action Partnerships “C-A-P” Teams:

C-A-P stands for Community Action Partnerships, but what it means is vastly more important than what it stands for. These partnerships have to do with the disconnect between Law Enforcement and the communities we serve. To a very large extent, Law Enforcement has had an Us versus Them mentality.

C-A-P will actively solicit feedback through person to person contact with communities within our county. C-A-P is unique because it is an active partnership, not just a conversation. Anyone wanting to make a difference in their families, in their neighborhoods and in their community, is invited to become a partner with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more and becoming a member of one of our C-A-P teams!


Announcement Speech: